Friday, June 7, 2013

25 great things about my favorite 25 year old

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a blog post, and I figured the perfect reason to bust out a post would be… Mark’s birthday tomorrow! In honor of my favorite husband turning 25 (he’s going to catch up to me one day), I thought it’d be appropriate to share with the world 25 reasons my husband is great:

  • He is as big of a prankster as I am. Before we even started dating, Mark and I were pulling off pranks together.
  • He is a handy man. Let’s just say, Mark is extra handy with Sweedish instructions.
  • He has run a half Mary with me. Even though Mark isn’t a huge fan of running, he endured months of long runs with me just so we could run a half marathon together. Those long runs for some of my favorite memories (and probably his most miserable… haha).
  • He can cook. This may be my favorite quality because I love to eat. Every meal he makes me I swear I claim to be the best meal I’ve ever eaten.
  • He will watch an entire Rangers game with me.
  • He is super in control, in a good way. I have undoubtedly faced all of the biggest trials and tribulations in my life since I’ve been with Mark, and he’s helped me feel so much more in control of the situations we’ve faced together.
  • He is a great father… to our puppy haha. Even though having a puppy is nothing like having a child, Mark will still get up at 6:30 when Nolan goes crazy and let me sleep in.
  • He is close to his family. That was always so important to me and I knew I’d have to marry someone that felt strongly about their family too!
  •  We like all of the same things.
  • He is really really ridiculously good looking.
  • He buys me chocolate things whenever he goes grocery shopping. Huge bonus.
  • He holds my hand (sometimes literally) through my biggest fears.
  •  He is one of the most honest people I know. Sometimes it’s brutal, but it’s always the truth.
  •    His music taste is nothing short of perfection. I knew from the first time I thumbed through his CD collection this was a match made in heaven (minus his Hoobastank CD…).
  • He never complains. Ever. About anything. (Just know that the grammatical errors in that sentence literally killed me to type.)
  • He encourages me to do what makes me happy, even if it’s not the most convenient path.
  •  He lets me ugly cry.
  • He is the funniest person I’ve ever met… and that’s saying something.
  • He has helped my family through more things than I can count without any hesitation.
  • He can quote Dumb & Dumber from start to finish. This was the number one qualifier on my husband checklist.
  • He is quick to apologize… even when I’m wrong.
  •  His eyebrows. If you know me, you know this is huge for me.
  • He likes to do fun outdoorsy stuff.
  •  He scoops Nolan’s poop every Saturday before mowing the yard.
  • He’s a better husband than I ever imagined myself being lucky enough to have.

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