Thursday, June 13, 2013

Elephant In The Room

Ahh Father's Day. For a day that I usually didn't remember until the week before for most of my life, it's suddenly become a day that I can't escape for weeks prior. But the truth is, it's just awkward. The entire day I feel like all eyes are on me (which obviously isn't true) and there is just a giant elephant in every room I enter because I don't have a father to celebrate.

But here's the thing. Father's Day doesn't make me sad... or at least no more sad than any other day. Sure, the fact that everyone is getting together and buying gifts for their dads bring to light the fact that I have something missing. But for me, that's an every day thing.

For example, last week I got to meet my all-time childhood hero Pudge Rodriguez. Because of Pudge, I actually thought I had a shot at playing in the MLB up until I was about 12 years old. It was that serious. The first thought that ran through my head after I met him was 'I've got to tell my dad.' Only, I can't.

In no way is this a sympathy post, I promise. It's simply a post to say that that dads should be celebrated more than one day a year (moms too!). I miss my dad just as much today as I will on Sunday. So be sure to appreciate every single chance you have to talk to your dad, spend time together, hug each other, laugh together or say I love you. Because one day we will all miss being able to do those things and, as someone who is on the other side, I can tell you now you will appreciate those things more than you think.

Besides, I'm blessed enough to have an incredible mom and husband who are now the first people I text when I see Pudge. ;)

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