Sunday, January 13, 2013

Baking, a Birthday and a Podcast

Since we went out to eat on Friday night, Mark and I decided to stay at home last night and watch a movie. Before making dinner, I decided to bake the oatmeal casserole I'd originally planned to make yesterday for breakfast. I got all of my ingredients lined up and ready...

...and then realized I was missing vanilla extract. So my incredible husband went out in the freezing cold just to pick me up some almond extract. Did I hit the husband lotto or what?

The finished product didn't turn out that great looking, but it sure did taste good. In fact, I can't stop going back for just a liiiitle bit more all day today. This is why I don't bake often.

Today is Nolan's 12 week birthday. I honestly can not believe our child is 3 months old. That's almost two years old in dog years. I guess that explains his terrible twos right now. Please excuse my dog's immodesty...

Usually Mark and I attend Bent Tree Church on Sunday mornings, but I was really craving a good Matt Chandler sermon and we had family lunch plans at 11, so we turned to the good ole' podcast. I loved getting to hear Matt again and I couldn't complain about enjoying a cup of coffee while we listened.

I think Nolan was happy we stayed home with him this morning too...

Happy Sunday! :)

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