Monday, November 12, 2012

Two Peas In A Pod Since Birth

I often wonder what my husband was doing in life before we knew each other. After looking through some of his younger photos, it looks like we have been pretty much the same person since we were babies. Below are some examples of this.

Just being a baby circa 1989.
Whatdya know... me being a baby also.
Food lover for years.
Foodie for life. 
Swimming off all that food.
Swimming laps to stay lean.
Going out on the town for Halloween. 
Getting geared for candy.
The Natural.
Don't let that deceive you... I was striking out on purpose.
I knew I'd have to marry a Rangers fan. 
Jr. Ranger for life.
Playing with waterguns.
Also a big watergun fan.
Embracing the snow.
Also embracing the snow and mountains.
Wreck 'em.
Sic 'em.
And then we found each other. Finally.

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