Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Holidaze

Every year it seems like the holidays come quicker and quicker. Halloween always appears out of nowhere and before you know it, everyone is making Thanksgiving plans and Christmas music is everywhere. I'll be completely honest and probably inhumane here, but I've never been a huge fan of the holidays. I have always thought they were overly commercialized and an excuse to buy things.

However, every single thing about the holiday season is different for me now, starting last year. Last year, I spent my holiday season just getting by. Every year since I was born, we've had the same family traditions for the holidays. Thanksgiving and Christmas played themselves out the same way year after year. And then it's like my life hit a hard stop and everything became 100 percent different.

I'm so thankful that I will have new traditions now that I am married and have my own family. However, it's still strange that the traditions I've had for 25 years are no longer around. It makes the holidays a bit of a struggle and something that I feel like I have to survive, rather than enjoy. I know that as time goes on, new traditions will be created and they will become the normal. But for now, there is just a giant chunk of happiness missing during the holiday seasons and it's hard to know it won't ever be the same again. Here's to new traditions and plenty of time with new family in the years to come! :)

Christmas morning traditions... yes I got an official NBA hoop. 
Christmas tree farm tradition.
Christmas eve last year. I love our new traditions. :)
Just because it's funny.

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