Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or Treat

I've always enjoyed Halloween. Not for anything other than I like dressing up and I like eating candy. Every year growing up, my mom would make homemade chili that we would scarf down quickly so we could hurry and go trick or treating. When I got too old to go trick or treating (or when I couldn't find any kids to convince to let me "take" them trick or treating), I loved handing out candy to the kids in my parents' neighborhood. Sadly, this is the first year I haven't really done anything fun for Halloween. Living in an apartment, you obviously don't have kids trick or treating and the extent of my costume was an $8 pair of mouse ears I found at Target amidst the chaotic costume aisle. But nonetheless, it was fun looking through the photos on my computer and finding some of my more memorable Halloween costumes from years past. Of course, most of the best photos are not on my computer, but here's at least a taste of my best costumes. 

Happy Halloween! Go enjoy some candy! :)

*Disclaimer: the best costume I've ever been a part of was the S'more Erin, Anna, Katherine and I created. I loved being Hershey's chocolate. Unfortunately (I was 16 and unbelievably awkward... so maybe fortunately), that photo is not on my computer.

Was I the Easter Bunny?

"I'm a mouse, duh."

Just Peter Pan.

Homemade M&M costumes. Classic.
Default pajama costume at Fish City Grill.

I was originally Ian Kinsler, but I got cold and threw on my sweatshirt. Hannah was the dinosaur...

Mario and Luigi :)
Minnie Mouse...?


  1. Thank you for that disclaimer. I was about to say....;)

  2. I love that dinosaur picture so much...