Saturday, October 27, 2012

Donuts And A Cleanse

{The Donuts}

Sitting here at my computer, I can't help but think how badly I need to clean my apartment, get a haircut, buy my mom's birthday present (...if you're reading this, Mom, of course I've already gotten your gifts) and generally be a productive citizen. However, blogging takes priority because it's the most fun.

Mark and I hit a milestone in our marriage today by going to Hypnotic Donuts for the first time. I was introduced to Hypnotic Donuts about a year and a half ago while they were still located in Plano. I didn't actually go get a donut while they were so close (thanks a lot calorie-counting-Megan), but instead waited until they moved their tiny shop to Dallas. So this morning Mark and I got up before the sun came up and drove to Dallas to try our first Hypnotic Donut.

This donut shop is notorious for their creative donuts. They still sell your typical glazed, cake and chocolate donut, but come up with creative flavors like Boo Bee, Smores and The Hangover. I stuck with a classic peanut butter, chocolate and banana fritter. Mark got more adventurous with the Smores donut and the Chocolate Yeast donut. To see all of the fun flavors Hypnotic Donuts creates, check out their Facebook page and drool over their photos every day like I do. Below are my and Mark's donuts, respectively.

{The Cleanse}

Now onto a topic that completely contradicts the first half of this blog post. I've heard a lot of hype lately about a diet cleanse called Whole30. It is essentially a clean-eating diet that strips foods like sugars, grains and dairy from your diet completely. From what I've read, these foods have an effect on your energy level, your skin, your metabolism and other things we often consider our "fate" that are really controlled by our diet. 

Once I leveled out my eating habits after my wedding, I've learned to have a healthy relationship with food. This has been both good and bad. I've learned that I can eat essentially anything I want in moderation and stay at relatively the same weight. Learning to stop when I'm full and not stuffed has helped me stress so much less about what I eat every day. However, it has also kept me from making the healthiest choices all the time (case in point... Hypnotic Donuts). I try to keep my diet relatively healthy, but I could certainly clean it up a bit. Cutting out excess sugar and fried foods would inevitably give me more energy and make me feel better in general. But, of course, it's easier said than done.

From what I've read on other blogs, Whole30 is really hard for the first few days. Your body still craves the things you've cut out of your diet. However, after the initial shock, you stop craving these foods and start to feel better and more healthy. As I read through the list of restricted foods, I am already cringing. No sugar, no alcohol, no grains (I am a carb monster)... what would I eat? Again, I've just been looking into this for a week or so; I still don't know if I want to commit. I may need to try something a little less restrictive (...I am wondering if there is an all-bread diet). I am not looking to lose any weight, I just want to be happy with what I eat and not feel "icky" like I do after I nom some fries. If anyone has tried Whole30 and would like to send some feedback my way, I'd love to hear it! 

Okay less cleansing talk, more donut photos...

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