Friday, September 28, 2012

A Girl's Best Friend

My friend Anna recently joked that the only blog posts she reads are ones that mention her, so I was inspired to write a blog post she would actually read. ;) I think it is so rare that we find friends we can be 100 percent transparent with and know they won't judge us or leave us. Since the 7th grade, Anna has been that friend for me. 

From the moment we started pulling ridiculous and hilarious pranks in high school (okay and college), I knew we would be friends. I was so lucky to have the same group of friends since high school. When you have friends who stick with you through your immature high schools years to your embarrassing college years, you develop a bond that is impossible to break. Anna has been that friend for me that I am never embarrassed to talk to about anything. She remembers even the smallest things (like my dad's birthday) and is there during the big ones (my wedding). I couldn't be more blessed or grateful to have such an amazing best friend. When I think about all of the memories that we've experienced so far, it really makes me excited for the things we have to share in the future. Love you girl! :)

Visiting Anna at Baylor her freshman year.
Our John Mayer tickets that we got for $20 after waiting outside the venue for three hours haha.
After floating the Guadalupe.

So glad I got to be in Anna's wedding.

Also glad she was willing to be in mine. :)

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