Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fantasy Football For Dummies

I consider myself pretty sports savvy. I listen to sports radio on my way to and home from work, I visit consistently, watch SportsCenter on a regular basis and find myself watching at least one sports game a day. However, the one sport I just can’t grasp is football. 

I was raised in a Cowboy-fearing home and there wasn’t a Sunday that the game wasn’t on after church. I’ve never eaten a Thanksgiving dinner at a normal hour because my family always had to eat after the Cowboy game ended, which usually concluded in a late Thanksgiving dinner (no one is sleeping happy on an 8 p.m. turkey belly, let’s be honest). However, I’ve always felt that NFL players are overpaid divas, so I’m never drawn in to the game. Because of this, I never fully grasped the rules of the game. If you were to ask me to explain the game of baseball or basketball, maybe even hockey, I could do so without any difficulty. However, I just have never been able to really understand football.

I was able to get through college on my general knowledge of the game (in RGIII we trust). However, I’m in the real world now, and the real world doesn’t accept a “general knowledge” of the game. Under the confines of marriage, I have been thrown into two fantasy football leagues this year. Other than a funny fantasy team name (The Griffinscores… a play off of Gryffindor) and the natural instinct to choose players I recognize for my team, I am overwhelmed by the draft. I don’t know statistics, I never read NFL news on and whenever NFL talk comes on The Ticket, I flip over to FM. I am a lost cause in these two drafts. Luckily, Mark and I are on the same team for one, but for one of them I am riding solo. Any advice would be appreciated. Here goes nothing.

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