Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Playing catchup

Since I’ve taken a breather from the blog lately, I thought a Hopkins family update may be necessary. In no particular order (except order of importance…), here are the highlights.


Nolan has continued to be a handful for Mark and I. He is 5 ½ months old and has never had more energy than he does now. He has also gotten so big it’s harder for me to walk him, especially if we pass another walker or dog. His last puppy training class is this Sunday and he will be a graduate. This is a really big day for me, you guys.

House hunting

Mark and I continue to tirelessly search for the perfect first home. We came unbelievably close last Friday and actually put in an offer on a home that we really loved. We put an offer down less than 24 hours after it was put on the market. Unfortunately, four other families loved the house just as much, and the seller chose another offer, putting us back at square one. We are continuing to search and pray that the perfect house is out there waiting!

Money saving

It has not been easy (in fact, it’s gotten harder the longer we’ve been doing it), but Mark and I were able to significantly exceed our original goal for a down payment for our (hopefully) new home. Unexpected tax returns, bonuses and freelance opportunities have helped us so much. Like I said, it has been a tough road and I’ve missed eating out so much and am struggling to bypass the cute and colorful spring clothes out right now, but being diligent and continuing to trust that everything will work out is definitely working so far!

Life in general

I feel like I’ve been staying so busy lately and I’m loving it. There have been so many opportunities to spend time with friends the past month or so and I’ve tried to take advantage of them all! Life is too short to turn these things down. J

Yesterday Mark and I celebrated a mini anniversary. We have been together (a.k.a. dating, engaged and then married) for two years. Yay!

I've been running and doing yoga quite a bit, which always makes me a happy camper.

Things have been extra tough lately for me missing my dad. It seems to always come in waves, but it’s been rough the past few weeks. I’ve spent a lot of time looking over old text messages and pictures and even spent a couple of hours one night writing him a letter to tell him what’s going on in my life. I know it’s silly, trust me I know. But nothing has made me feel better than doing that.

In general, I can’t complain about things lately. Sure there are things I’m ready to get past, but overall life is happening and I figure I may as well just enjoy it as it comes! Tonight my sister is in town, so Mark and I get to have dinner with her and my mom. It’s the little things you’ve gotta look forward to! J

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