Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Lazy new year

New year's day was probably the laziest day I've had so far this year (see what I did there? not funny? okay, you're right). To make a long story short, Mark and I both struggle with some jaw issues. Mark's is much worse than mine, but yesterday morning I woke up with an extra tight jaw, most likely from some major teeth grinding the night before. Luckily (not so luckily?) I knew from Mark's experience and doctor visits, the best thing to do is just relax and keep your jaw from tightening up even more. It's still sort of a panicky feeling to not be able to fully open your mouth, but there's nothing that can be done other than let it get back to normal on its own!

After popping a muscle relaxer in the morning, I pretty much did not leave the couch the entire day. Mark made me breakfast - I love my husband - and I got to watch Grown Ups and Mr. Popper's Penguins both for the first time. Around three, I decided to try eating something soft, so I heated up some leftovers from a recent trip to Bread Winners and watched The Hangover with this kid.

Speaking of Nolan, he is pretty much 99% potty trained already. I'm actually pretty shocked and impressed that he's caught on so quickly. We no longer come home to accidents on the floor or rug. I'm so proud of our little buddy! He wasn't quite as interested in the movies as I was though...

For dinner, I decided to make the softest thing on the meal plan this week: shrimp enchiladas. The making process was a little difficult, but with the help of my chef husband, they turned out great! You can find the recipe here. The end product wasn't the best looking recipe I've ever made, but it sure was tasty!

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