Tuesday, December 18, 2012

What are we eating?

Three weeks ago I bought a puppy and within one day decided my husband and I would need to get into a house as soon as we were financially ready. With that being said, we decided to just start being smarter with our money in general and see where we end up in March. Our first step was to cut back on all the eating out.

Keep in mind this was strictly for financial reasons alone. However, over the past two and a half weeks, I have lost four pounds. Now I know that isn’t much and I am not in any way, shape or form trying to “brag” here. I’m simply implying that I was eating four pounds worth of junk when I was eating out all the time.

Honestly, I have always made “smart” decisions at restaurants. I will choose the turkey burger over a real burger and I opt for a salad or grilled chicken sandwich with a side of fruit any time we eat fast food. I have not cut back on what I eat at all… if anything I feel like I am eating more now because I make sure there is always food in my apartment so we don’t have to eat out! I’m not working out more or cutting out major food groups (last night I made a cheesy skillet dinner...) and I’m back at my wedding day weight (insert happy dance).

The point in this post is this: we are eating a lot of hidden calories and crap every time we go out to eat. Now I’m not suggesting you stop eating out completely because I still love eating out more than anyone. I’m simply saying that by cutting out just a few meals a week of eating out, we may just get a wee bit healthier. :)

Since I have no photo to add to this post, here is a cute photo of my dog demolishing the packaging of our Ozarka water bottles...

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