Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Cold weather envy

{let it snow, let it snow, let it snow}

I can’t believe I am saying this because I love hot weather, but I want to be somewhere that it’s cold. There, I said it. I can’t take it back because I’ve already hit publish for the world (or my five readers) to see.

I used to hate cold weather (I used to hate seafood too and now I could eat it every day, so I guess things change). I went outside this morning to take Nolan to the park and couldn’t believe how humid and warm it was six days before Christmas. After spending the weekend in New York a couple of weeks ago, I realized how much more festive cold weather makes the holidays feel.

A few years ago I spent New Years in Colorado with my family, surrounded by snow. It felt so different than any New Years I’ve spent in Texas. Several years before that we spent our New Years in New York and that was also much more “holiday” like.

I think years and years from now, I can picture myself living in Colorado, surrounded by snow and cold in the winter. Of course I will have to establish myself as a full-time free lance writer who works from home so I can sleep in and not have to drive to work every day in the cold, but stay at home in my pajamas wrapped in a blanket and sipping coffee instead. ;)

I guess we would have to get a nice sweater for this nugget….

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