Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I've Got A Fever...And The Only Prescription Is More Beiber.

Is it just me or is Justin Beiber slowly morphing into the next Britney Spears? Between his yo-yoing relationship with Selena, his awkward acceptance speeches at the AMAs, throwing up on stage during a concert… multiple times… and smacking a paparazzo, I fear his downward spiral has commenced.

But as much as I’m entertained by his latest shenanigans, I moreso feel bad for the kid. He’s recently become vocal about how hard it is growing up in the public spotlight. Sure, the millions of dollars you come home to every night must make it easier, but I’m sure it’s still not fun all the time.

We all remember the day we realized Britney had gone of the deep end. At first it was the random marriage… then the random divorce… then the shaving of the head. It all sort of blends together at this point. I remember watching an MTV special on her after the kids and the head shave… the cameras followed her around every day and revealed how annoying being a celebrity really is. I really don’t blame her for feeling so crazy, I’m sure I would too.

Speaking of big crazies… last night I watched Lindsay Lohan on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. The girl is literally insane. Yet there is one common thread that seems to tie these three together: childhood celebrity. If I ever have a kid that wants to be famous, I’m going to at least make them wait until they’re old enough to experience a normal childhood. We don’t need any more Britneys in this world.

And my advice for Beibs… lay low for a while. The spotlight will always be there once your voice has finally changed and you’ve experienced a normal teenage life.

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