Saturday, October 20, 2012

RIP Big Tex

Texas lost one of its greats yesterday. We watched as all 52 feet that was Big Tex burned in flames...and there was nothing we could do to stop it. For many, Big Tex was just a legend... something they'd never seen before. But to those of us who were faithful State Fair attenders, he was a friend and a meeting place in the rare case we got lost. 

I have been going to the State Fair of Texas since I was in a stroller. My parents were avid fans of the fair, so every September, I have made my way through the auto building, fried foods and mass of screaming children to experience the fair yet another year. In fact, for several years when we were younger, my sister and I entered our own creations into the fair to be judged and placed. I honestly can't remember a year I haven't gone to the fair. But now, everything is different.

No longer will we be greeting by a "Howdy Folks" as we walk by the giant happy Texan we all knew and loved for the past 60 years. It feels as though a small piece of my childhood is gone. But we will rebuild and establish a new bigger Tex. However, it will never replace the fondness I have for the original Big Tex. Here's hoping no one gets lost between now and the time we have rebuilt...

State Fair circa 2009

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