Sunday, October 14, 2012

Lubbock Or Bust

Over the past two weekends, Mark and I have traveled to both sides of Texas. Last weekend we spent the week at a lake house in East Texas and this weekend we were Lubbock bound to see a Texas Tech football game. We started this tradition last year, when we went to the opening game of the Tech football season.

So Friday morning, Mark and I loaded up our backpacks and headed out for the six hour drive to Lubbock, TX. The ride really is beautiful, despite what most people will tell you. You really get to see how untainted some parts of Texas still are. We made one quick stop for lunch on the way and made it to Lubbock around 5:00 that evening. The last time we came to Lubbock, we drove in the day of the game, so it was nice to come in a little early so we could relax on Friday night and fully prepare for the game on Saturday.

Since this weekend was Texas Tech's homecoming game, Mark and I spent some time Saturday morning driving around campus and checking out some of the activities that were going on. I really am glad I went to Baylor and I loved the college experience I had for the most part, but there is a part of me that always wonders what things would have been like if Mark and I had gone to college together. Mark likes to joke that nothing would be different at all and we would've been inseparable even then. :)

Without boring you too much, I will share some of the photos I took this weekend. They should tell the story just fine. If you didn't catch the game, Texas Tech dominated West Virginia 49-14. The game was one of the best I've ever been to and the crowd was so much fun! Lastly, to clear up any confusion, the streaker that ran across the field during the Tech game was neither Mark nor myself. ;) Wreck 'em!

Headed out to Lubbock.
Properly caffeinated and doing some work on the way. 
Some town in West Texas.
Perfect patio weather at the Blue Monkey on Friday.
Enjoying some delicious catfish tacos.
Early morning tour of the campus.
Mark insisted we eat breakfast at Picante's. Biggest breakfast burrito I've ever had.
*chip included for size contrast

Game time.
Pre-game lunch at Spanky's.
Game ready.
Wreck 'em.
Waiting for the game to begin.
Jones AT&T Stadium
Until next year, Lubbock :)

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