Saturday, August 18, 2012

Worth The Wait

Exactly 18 months ago today, I sat awkwardly at a table in a restaurant at the American Airlines Center on what would be my last first date ever (praise the Lord). My future husband had convinced me that his dad had two extra tickets just lying around for the Mavs vs. Spurs game and that his dad could no longer go so he would need to find someone last minute. Being the sports lover that I am, I obviously jumped at the opportunity. It wasn't until we were in the car driving to the game that I found out Mark had actually paid for the tickets himself with every intention of asking me from the beginning.

The basketball game was certainly just a perk. After an initial lunch "date," I was ecstatic when Mark asked me to hang out again. We had been talking a lot at work lately after being friends for awhile, and it's not often you have that much fun during lunch with someone. I remember being more nervous, excited and probably awkward than I'd ever been in my entire life sitting across from this ridiculously handsome and hilarious guy. Even though the Mavs lost that night, it was still the best game and date I had ever been on.

The day after my first date with Mark, I called one of my best friends, Anna. Anna has known me since the 7th grade, so she has been there to experience every first date I've been on (not that many, Mark). When she asked how the date went, I could hear her excitement as I went on and on about how much fun I'd had and how much Mark and I had in common (we watched Dumb and Dumber after going to a Mavericks game... he couldn't have picked something I'd like more).

Before my first date with Mark, I was a relationship sceptic to say the least. I went into that date without high hopes, but ended up experiencing the first date with my future husband. It is kind of funny how life will throw you curve balls when you least expect them. I can honestly say I didn't even know if Mark and I would ever be more than good friends (I wasn't really sure if this was even a date until we were in the car). All I knew is that I'd met someone that I instantly felt compelled to tell everything to and oddly enough felt comfortable sharing personal stories with.

Less than a month after our first date, my life changed in a million ways. Most people know, but Mark and I experienced more in the first few months we were dating than most people experience in years. I learned to rely on someone else for the first time and had never imagined I'd trust someone so much in my life. There is no doubt in my mind that God put Mark in my life when He did for a reason.

Fast forward 18 months and I am sitting in our apartment on the couch with my husband watching the Cowboys game and smelling freshly baked brownies (recipe here btw ;)). I will not lie and say everything has been easy breezy since that first date; life happens. However, I will say I have never been happier and definitely never been more certain about anything. I am so thankful that God has my life timed out perfectly and I am just along for the ride. :)

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