Monday, January 7, 2013

Workout siesta and weekly meal plan

From the time I was nine years old and swung my first baseball bat, I knew I was competitive. That has played out a number of ways throughout my life so far. Whether I was nearly puking after a team sprint to establish I was in fact the fastest girl on the team to running endless miles last year to know I was running more than anyone I knew, I've worked hard, sometimes to my own detriment.

I love working out. I really, really do. However, lately I've been in a slump. It's not that I can't, it's just that I lack the motivation and my body is tired. Last night I was talking to my husband about this. For the past two years, I have worked out on average five, six or maybe seven days a week. I'm tired and, honestly, burnt out. 

So, with that being said, I am taking a workout siesta. Not for too long, probably just a few weeks. Honestly, my mind is elsewhere right now and I just need a break. If I feel like hopping on an elliptical, I will, but I'm not going to make myself work out if I don't feel like it.

After I've given myself time to rest, my plan is to train for another half marathon and be able to give it my 100% competitive focus. :) And honestly I can't wait to train for it!

{Monday: Grilled salmon with mixed vegetables and wild rice}

{Tuesday: Turkey sloppy joes with a spinach, pear, blue cheese salad}

{Wednesday: Grilled chicken, spinach and pear pitas}

{Thursday: Turkey taco salad}

{Saturday: Mac and cheese with mixed vegetables}

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